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Welcome. My name is Dr. Alain Brunet.

I am a psychologist at McGill University in Montreal. I work at the Douglas hospital helping patients to deal with their experiences of trauma. We have created this website as an accessible means of learning about trauma for survivors of trauma, the general public and mental health professionals.

Learn about Trauma
Click here if you know someone who has experienced a traumatic event or if you simply want an introduction to traumatic stress.
Experienced Trauma?
Here you will find a simple test that will help you to judge whether you are suffering from traumatic stress.
Professional Resources and Training
You will also find a link in this area to an online training module for using a structured diagnostic interview for post-traumatic stress. A small fee is charged for this training.
Here you can access files that give detailed information on various aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Each one has been written by a leading expert, and many include video interviews.
You will find information on upcoming conferences, as well as a variety of scientific and clinical articles on post-traumatic stress disorder.

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